My first memory of being a successful artist was at the age of 2. I painted a plaster craft lady bug.  It was simple, red with black spots, as lady bugs come.  As a small child, I enjoyed escaping into my coloring books.

I now enjoy line drawing with pen & ink, as well as henna. (805bodyart.com)  There is a meditative quality to following a line as it appears on a page and witnessing the emergence of an image from it.  A similar mindfulness occurs when adding color to the space created by the lines, bringing an image to life.

Coloring is the perfect after school activity that can be done with or without parent involvement.  A break from technology, it is a pathway to connection with your creative self.  Choosing colors to place in shapes and rendering an image while exploring color theory challenges the often silent inner spirit to occupy the mind and make safe decisions. In doing so, the active logical mind rests, rejuvenates and learns from experience.  Coloring is an exploration of the soul and expansion of the heart.  It helps both children and adults approach the next life or work challenge with a fresh perspective.

It is also a safe haven for both children and parents to relax and enjoy quiet time.  Use the books as your 20-30+ minute meditation to take a break from thoughts, work or errands.  Spend quiet time with the kids or enjoy some sacred alone time.  Feel the satisfaction of a solvable problem and experience some creative success.

Andi Schoenbaum

Ventura, CA
Cell (805) 236-6997
Email: nectarinesgreetings@gmail.com

FINE ART PORTFOLIO: andischoenbaum.com

Golden State PTA Member ID 2FC6C812

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